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Who is Billy, and why should
I care about his "bloks"?

My name is Billy, and as a fellow Lego enthusiast and the proud owner of Billy Brix 'N Bloks, I strive to provide all my customers with only the finest quality Lego sets and accessories.


Over the years, my “love of all things Lego” combined with the thrill of the hunt led me to hone my detective skills and develop a unique knack for sourcing and obtaining extremely rare and retired Lego sets. You know the kind I’m talking about…  whether you crave those bright colored boxes you haven’t seen since you were a small child, or that giant box for the retired set with 1,000’s of pieces that you’ve secretly been drooling over online for decades.  Either way, it is this exact same passion that drove me to turn what was once simply a part-time hobby into a full-fledged residential store front that can now easily rival any Lego retail establishment.  Simply step through our front door, and you will instantly be transported into the awe-inspiring world of what many have dubbed a “mini Lego Museum” as you browse through our current collections.  


Our ample stock is constantly rotating, so no two visits will ever be the same. Bookmark our online catalog and check back regularly to keep an eye on the most recent additions to our collection. But as with all things Lego, especially rare and retired sets, demand is extremely high, with the most coveted sets often being sold before they’ve even been posted to the site.  So contact us today to schedule an appointment for your own personal private shopping experience to ensure that you don’t miss out on taking home that perfect set to finally bring your most creative ideas to life.


I look forward to meeting you!


Billy, "The Westside Lego King”

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